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allegedly "bad" cinema.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interesting fact: Eric, Jay and Chris were all raised by single mothers

God bless these kids for their vision, ambition, and tenacity; and for the questions and attention their work raises about pop culture mythological authorial propriety in the dawn age of infinite digital replicability and beyond (as well as ranking with Bunuel's Obscure Object of Desire as an exploration in the post-modernist indeterminacy of gender-linked narrative tropes). And God speed them in their ongoing adventures. But my God, it's almost as boring as the original!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Brian Flannagan for a New Generation

From our "We're not sure what this means but we're sharing it anyway" Dept, in an eerie case of life imitating art, CCCP-SCC Secretary Doug Harvey's nephew Andy Britton is recapitulating the narrative arc of 1988's Cocktail, one of our most recent Tribunal Screening subjects (more to follow). Last night he participated in the 2010 Calgary Cocktail Challenge as one of a dozen high-profile performative mixologists from that teeming megalopolis to the North (shooting location for Superman III, Cool Runnings, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, Dead Bang, How The West Was Fun, and many others). We'll pass the results on - as well as Andy's subsequent disillusionment, phoenix-like rebirth, and poetry selections - as they come to light. Andy's on the right. Check out that Scientology smile! It really seems to be helping.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Troll II - Anti-psychiatry and Radical Veganism Go Head-to-Head

Ever wonder why your 10-year-old jumped up and urinated over the entire family dinner? He's trying to protect you. Just because his dead grandfather commanded it, doesn't mean the boy's schizophrenic. What is schizophrenia anyway? Perhaps an open channel to another plane of reality? This is one of several challenging and surprising premises that underlie Troll II, a film that has achieved a cult status, and been the subject of revived interest from a documentary made by the actor playing the aforementioned urinator. While the CCCP-SCC Tribunal has not screened this documentary, they recently did find time to review its original subject, and discovered a wealth of socio-political sub-(and not so sub)texts that haven't appeared to receive the critical attention they deserve. As the Tribunal had already resolved to begin retroactively archiving its findings online, the necessary steps were taken to initiate this blog, which will attempt to create a comprehensive overview of the CCCP-SCC Tribunal screenings and minutes from the subsequent symposia. Please bookmark, and check back for further proceedings.